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Samoa Ava Kava

Our Samoa Ava Special-Edition Kava Powder was so loved that it’s now a full-time variety. The Samoan Ava is special because it either comes from islands where kava production is very limited or select kava varieties are only grown in small amounts.
This is our first kava offering from Samoa, a rare variety because Samoa doesn’t currently grow a lot of kava. Samoa Ava is an uplifting and happiness-inducing kava with little to no sedation. It will initially boost your mood and relax you mentally before providing the physical body relaxation kava is typically known for. Best of all, this has to be the best-tasting kava we’ve ever come across!
Effects: Heady / Balanced

This fresh Samoa Ava Kava root is the perfect example of a very happy, upbeat, relaxing heady kava with great mind, social, and body effects.
Chemotype and Root Composition
Testing at a chemotype of 462135 this kava is a mix of 50% lateral roots and 50% basal stump.


Kava Enthusiast
Although I'm still new to the game and my Kava experience is limited - this is hands down the best daytime Kava I've had. I finished a third shell from 2 TBSP about 5 minutes ago and it's a delight. I might have to order more sooner rather than later because I feel like, despite enjoying every other Kava I've tried - THIS is more akin to what I've been searching for. Thank you!

- fushi