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Selling KWK Borogu opened 1lb bag - mostly full


Kava Enthusiast
Hi All,

I have a mostly full 1lb bag of KWK Borogu (weighing in at 406.8g/0.89lb, bag included), purchased Nov. 2019, that I'm looking to sell. I seem to be sensitive to DHK and the Borogu is too heavy for me. It leaves me with a next-day sedation that's unpleasantly strong, unless I use it only in small amounts to mix with a more heady kava. It seems like I respond best to kavas with a 46---- chemotype but I know some of you here like heavys a lot so I think you'd get much better use out of it than me!

Asking $40 + $8 shipping (USA only) but will consider other offers, or a trade for a heady or heady-balanced noble kava.

- Mo'iety