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Shipping from New Zealand just got much cheaper


Hi guys,
We've negotiated a much better rate with New Zealand post and have consequently lowered the price we charge on shipping our Society's kava to customers based outside of New Zealand. You can fine more details here: https://kavasociety.nz/shipping-and-international-orders but to give you an example, shipping 1kg (2.2.lbs) used to cost $60 NZD, we then reduced it to $50 and now it's gone done to just $39 NZD. That's just $25 USD. It gets cheaper and cheaper per kg the more you order, naturally, but we also got pretty decent rates for small orders. E.g. just $29 NZD ($18 USD) for 1.1lb.
When it comes to our activities etc, we mainly focus on New Zealand (and the upper North Island in particular) but many people have wanted to try our single cultivar kavas and various blends, so I've tried making it as affordable as possible. :)
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Awesome Henry, thanks! Then it's good I haven't ordered yet. :) Although... I just noticed Kelai is sold out... oh well :facepalm: