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Shout-out to The Kava Roots, and question about varieties


Kava Curious
First off, I would just like to give a shout-out to The Kava Roots. In my experience dealing with them over the years, they have always provided excellent quality kava and prompt service. As a Canadian, it's also nice to have the option of ordering domestically. On my last order from them, I got the Tongan Family Reserve and the Vanuatu Noble Warrior, both of which were excellent. I will be needing more soon, so I checked their website and noticed the Tongan Family Reserve and Vanuatu Noble Warrior were both out of stock, but they do have Vanuatu Select and Tongan Choice. My question is for anyone who has tried any of these, how were they and how do they compare to each other, in terms of headiness/heaviness, flavour, potency, etc... Thanks and stay rooted!