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I recently found a supplier that I couldnt resist ordering from. It cost me a bit of money to get here, but they are located in Fiji.
I am actually happier purchasing from the suppliers listed on this site because what I received has a bit of a chemically odour. The kava is good, but there is something off with the aroma. I have a chemistry background and it smells a bit like a toluene/chemical-tar in the background of the smell. I am hoping it isnt carcinogenic and I was trying to get it tested to make sure the guy wasnt trying to poison me or something. I think the roots may have been treated (Fumigated/disinfected) possibly? I have no idea.

My question; has anyone had a Kava that had this type of smell to it, even lightly? I am going to try an HPLC analysis and will respond back here if I can actually get it done for a relatively low price, with the results. It should be easier and cheaper to get analysis done for individuals. I unfortunately dont work in an analytical lab where I can test everything I have a concern about.



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I've had some Fijian that smelled like that before. I believe it to be fumigated because the kind I had smelled almost like diesel fuel.


Kava Curious

Yes, that is exactly the smell. He never answered me when I asked if it was fumigated, but I will ask again. I actually laid some out and the odour went away this morning, so I am repeating the experiment. I couldnt drink it with this odour...I have no idea what chemical it is. Luckily it seems like it can be removed.
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Kava Curious
I purchase from all suppliers, not to endorse this one. It is more expensive for shipping to get this from Fiji directly (300USD) to Ontario, Canada. It ended up being quite good and reminds me of the kava I used to buy from Fiji many years ago. I am glad i didnt have 5 Kg of waste.