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Skin reaction from Kava powder externally


Kava Enthusiast
I have not had any bad bodily reaction with Kava, maybe just some dizziness and nausea when drinking too much without having a meal.
Yesterday when I was preparing some Kava, I got some powder on my face and chin. This made my skin itch a lot and got some kind of allergic reaction.
I have never gotten any allergic reaction from drinking it, but apparently my body don't like it externally. Before I always used my hands making kava without any plastic gloves on and got no reactions from that. Now when my hands are really really dry from washing my hands all the time and using alcogel because of the pandemic, I always put on rubber gloves. But I still have to get some Kava brew on my hands now and then. So now I am thinking that maybe my dry hands and my two fingers with some type of rash on them, could be because of Kava?

Have anyone else had this experience?