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Smell lapita


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That's a strange question... Is there more context? I never had Lapita, but I would expect it to smell like kava, lol.


Kava Curious
Solomon kava's tend to have a "sour" smell to them for lack of a better word. Never had lapita so I can't say, but is that what you are smelling?


Kava Curious
Thanks for your answers I was overwhelmed by the smell. But I tried it and I didn't get sick..
Smells like pine! I actually love the flavor. I hear that tudei can smell like that but I highly doubt it is. Some cultivars go close to tudei but are still noble. Enjoying it a lot so far. Ironically the best tasting kava I’ve had! I hate hate the flavor usually and this one goes down easily.

Blue Roads

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@Blue Roads

I believe I heard him talking about it having a very distinct smell one night in the zoom chat.
To me it's very bitter and smells strong, I don't get a pine smell from it. I have a really good sense of smell, though, so that may have something to do with it. A friend who got into kava about a year ago had only been drinking kavafied Supreme and I told her about Lapita, she says it tastes better and is easier on her stomach so it really depends on the person. I love the effects of Lapita but it's got the strongest bitter taste to me. I also have a major sweet tooth and I like spicy stuff so anything bitter or sour never really agrees with me.