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Smoke notes in Kavatime Gourmet Savusavu Waka?


Kava Curious
Just got a bag yesterday. Trying it today. It's got to be the most pleasant tasting kava I've every had. I feel like the smoky notes are real though - and I have a decent amount of experience with that from single malt scotch days. I loved those smoky Islay malts. This wasn't really intended as a review, just a question. But it's a really nice strong kava - seems to be easier on the stomach than anything else I've had.


Kava Curious
It's partially fire dried as opposed to fully sun dried. Not unpleasant, and as you say, a bit reminiscent of of a lovely single malt. Enjoy.


Kava Enthusiast
'savu' is smoke in Finnish.

It did not taste like clothes after bobfire smoke.

It did not taste like burning cotton, coal or tobacco.

However, it had some taste that remindedme something close to smoke. Smoked plum? Not really. Smoked meat? Hell no. Ash? Not sure.


Yaqona Dina
I can't speak to this particular product, but generally smoke notes should be seasonal. We're at the tail end of the Fijian wet season so no doubt they've had to use wood-fired dryers to dry kava in Savusavu.