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Powdered Kava Review Solomon Island - Gold


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{"Grade":10,"Potency":8,"Mind":10,"Body":8,"Anxiety":8,"Sedative":6,"Taste":"2","Preparation":"4 tbsp into 500ml of warm water. ","Duration":"","SideEffects":"","Headline":""}
This is some classically great solomon. Very much a mix of body and mind, soothing would be a perfect way to describe it. It hits you with a nice kavain headiness upfront and behind the eyes which then pours down into the muscles and body. Solomon islands kava was the first kava I have ever tried, and since then have tried to sample any that I can come across. KavaDepot has hit a home run with this one for sure, especially if you are into balanced kavas that give a little bit of both heady and heavy. It wasn't as bitter on the tongue as I'm used to, but it numbed my mouth and throat almost instantly. It's also a very nice grind, fluffy with little kava clumps. Easy to strain.

An outstanding cultivar if you are into solomons and probably if you aren't. $52 a pound on amazon with free prime shipping as well. Good stuff!

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