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Powdered Kava Review Solomon's Headhunter


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{"Grade":10,"Potency":10,"Mind":4,"Body":10,"Anxiety":8,"Sedative":8,"Taste":"7","Preparation":"Blended for 1 minute and strained through 75 micron strainer.","Duration":"All night","SideEffects":"Nothing unusual","Headline":"A good body numbing kava"}
I'm starting the product reviews with one of my favourites, Solomon's Headhunter. This is a pretty strong kava with over 11% KL's batch to batch. What makes this stand out for me is the high level of DHK against Kavain. A lot of heavy kavas have a smaller difference between the two so you're getting the uplift from the kavain before you start to notice the heavy effects. This kava has around 4.5% DHK against 2.9% Kavain (!) so you're getting the heavy effects pretty much straight away.

Being from the Solomon Islands the taste is quite light compared to a Vanuatu kava of a similar strength. Opening a fresh bag is a treat as it has a really nice pungent aroma. It's peppery but there's something else in there that makes it more pleasant. My understanding is that Solomon's kavas are strains brought in direct from Vanuatu and it wouldn't surprise me if this was a Borogu kava just grown in the Solomon's. It has an interesting colour bordering on yellow!

The effects hit quite quickly and you can feel the whole body go slightly numb. It is a sedative kava but not a knockout like a heavy Fijian and for this reason I gave it 4 shells for sedation. I like this kava if I have had a hard day at work and want to relax my muscles. I do usually sleep well on it but maybe it takes a little longer to drop off than with a Fijian.

Overall I would say if you want a noble kava for pain relief that doesn't taste too strong then this is what I would go for.


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