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Powdered Kava Review Special Reserve Blue Label Kava

This is quite a powerful kava. Kava Kauai ships on Tuesdays and Fridays, and delivered exactly as promised. Set clear expectations and met them, a positive for me. The taste reminds me of the 'white kavas' I have had in the past, rather nutty in flavor. Mouth became numb, as expected. But wow! I was feeling a wee stressed from my day at work and driving home on roads that would have been more suited for ice skates, and within twenty minutes of consuming the whole day melted away and wow, I feel so good typing this. Kava's effects are considered powerful and subtle at the same time- I cannot wait to keep drinking this blend of roots because there is so much more to explore (just got it today). It could be set and setting, and I think everyone's preference is a little different, but I will be ordering from this vendor again. Easily in the top three I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. Delicious, powerful effects, reliable service, and I must admit that seeing Aloha !! written with a smiley face exclamation marks on my order form fills me with that Hawaiian warmth that I just can't seem to extract from the snow ridden landscape I am currently a part of. Kava Kauia, you have a great blend here!
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Gary has been my go to vendor for instant for about 2 years now! He's a very dependable vendor as you stated.. and the one time I had an issue with USPS losing my goodies, he was extremely helpful...actually sent me replacement items at no extra cost! :joyful: I've also bought some of the other products from him and liked them all, but haven't tried this one yet..may have to now! I did, however, get the actual roots one time..and in a desperate moment hacked some up in a coffee grinder and WOW..as you said..potent stuff!

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i ordered the fiji+vanautua combi pack and special reserve blue label.well ive tried them all seperatley and am impressed with them all,they are all extremely find grind and potencey wise they are good,but i would rate the fijian as the mellower one then vanautua quite potent+finally blue label very potent.tonight i decided to mix it up +used a tablespoon of each one and blended together,well on 4th shell+feeling fine very good mix.i will say all kava kauis products are of exceptionall quality.i made my brew with less than the recommended amount as ive had a year+half off kava ,and find there root to be very powerfull.