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This is quickly becoming a crowd favorite, and a personal favorite here in the Karuna Kava family. Cinnamon and spearmint make a fantastic addition to this Gor Gor Vanuatu kava root. This kava is very similar to a Borogu, but the quality sets it apart in both its feel and taste. Euphoric on the forward side, more deeply relaxing after a few shells. Such a mellow and enjoyable kava for drinking in evenings or while hanging out with friends and family. The flavor is extremely smooth and the kava is potent. The mint can help ease certain belly issues that some people encounter while trying kava early on. Like all Karuna Kava products, this kava is crafted from the highest quality Noble Kava on the market, and is processed in a commercial kitchen with care and love. This iteration is great for newbies and kava veterans alike.

Lightly sweetened with local idaho honey, this kava has less than 10 grams of natural sugar per pouch.
Available at our website; KarunaKava.com. Use code: KAVAFORUMS for 15% off.


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Kava Curious
If the cultivar "Gor Gor" is new to you, here's a little info.

This cultivar is known by several different names based on its Island of Origin.

In Maewo Vanuatu: Borogoru

In Pentecost Vanuatu: Borogu

In Ambrym Vanuatu: Gorgor

Maybe it is not one variety with 3 names, but 3 varieties that look the same? Is not Borogoru the same as Borongoru? Its effects differ significantly from those of Borogu.