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Powdered Kava Review Squanch Kava - Fiji Lawena

Bubba Bula

krunkadelic relic
This was a very pleasant kava. Tasted like a typical lawena - very mild. Definitely not as heady as the Squanch waka, however this was as expected. It was mildly heady, but not overpowering, Best description is that it was very mellow. This would be a good kava to drink in social situations where you want good kava effects, but don't want to end up on the couch watching the world go by. Drank it about 4 hours before bed time and was very happy it didn't make me pee all night. Some kavas make me pee a river, and with Squanch Lawena I didn't have to get up once. I slept like a baby. I graded it 3/5 in anxiety relief, but that is because I don't have much anxiety to begin with so I couldn't tell.

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