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Powdered Kava Review Squanch Kava - Fiji Waka

Bubba Bula

krunkadelic relic
Drank the entire batch of kava all at once while it was still warm on an empty stomach at 5:30 in the afternoon. This kava has a very mild taste to it similar to Kavaboy kava making Squanch kava one of the best tasting kavas I have ever consumed. Effects began to be felt within ten minutes, and the effects continued to build. After an hour I put a couple of more teaspoons of Squanch kava into a Kavafied AluBall and made a little bit more. After that I was cruising for the next few hours. This is potent kava. Went to pick up some fish and chips later and tried not to appear too krunked out while waiting in the busy restaurant for my order. Got home with the food and ate it pretty quickly as I was very hungry. The food lessened, but did not kill the effects. The effects lasted the entire night until I went to sleep at midnight.

Note: I gave this a low anti-anxiety rating as I don't have anxiety issues and so I have no idea how good it is for that. It could be really good, I just don't know.

Woke up the next day feeling great. This is great kava. 5 out of 5 shells.


Kava Vendor
I am only selling one strain from one farm in Ovalau Fiji. It is noble and 100 percent lateral roots. I have access to small bulk orders. I really enjoy this root and figured I would buy it in bulk to enjoy it for my personal use and sell it on a small scale basis. I will have each shipment tested through True Kava and above I have listed the test results for the order I have on hand now.
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In an effort to not do any work today, I figured it might be fun to blend Bigfoot names with kava and its effects.
So far I got
Slunk Ape
Abominable Slowman
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