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Powdered Kava Review Squanch Kava - Fiji Waka

Bob Chill

Kava Curious
On Kavasseur's recommendation I ordered a pound of Squanch Waka. Shipping was ridiculously fast. Ordered Thursday and received on Saturday. As a test I did 1 small aluball on Monday afternoon. Hit quick and felt pretty strong for a small shell but it wasn't until last night that I felt the full effect of the Squanch.

Started with a heaping 2 tablespoon aluball with 2 washes. Poured into a bottle for the road and drank it down while driving to a park to walk my dog. Headiness came on strong. Walk was awesome. Not a soul in sight, beautiful fall colors and wildlife busy everywhere, and great tunes blasting through my headphones. Very mood uplifting with mild euphoria. Probably a combination of the nice location and exercise but the root was talking to me for sure.

When I got home I was excited to take it to the next level. Did another 2 heaping tablespoon/2 wash aluball and refilled my bottle (I don't seem to mind drinking kava slow and straight). Drank the bottle over about an hour and now I was really feeling it. It was the closest thing to an alcohol type buzz that I've felt since I started drinking kava less than a month ago. I was honestly a bit loopy. There is no way I could drink this much of Squanch's waka during work. But it was sure nice.

Before dinner I figured one more shell couldn't hurt... Did a smaller 1-1.5 tablespoon 2 wash grog and downed it before dinner. This one caused some nausea. It wasn't bad but it was there and I was glad I was about to eat dinner. It was now 7pm and was I pretty much in the zone for the rest of the night. No need for a nightcap as I was pretty much glued to the couch. Just a long protracted come down until bed. Woke up slightly foggy this morning but a cup of coffee took care of that.

I have been drinking GHK Mo'i and Hanakapi the last week or so and honestly, Squanch hit harder and lasted longer. Yes, I drank a good bit but the effects were rather profound. Squanch is more bitter than those 2 and also has a good bit more sediment making its way through the ball (could be why it's stronger) but it's a big winner in my book.

The short story is 5 tablespoons + 2 washes + 3 hours drinking time = Krunked