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Stackery shipping service


Kava Curious
I was just wondering if anyone here as used the stackery shipping service to get kava shipped from the US to the EU?
Do you create your own shipping label ? or do they do it for you?
And for the global mail shipping option is this shipped through usps?
How long does delivery take with this option?


Magnum's 'awa drinking bird
According to @Edward , Stackry has stopped shipping kava to Europe. Apparently they now have an updated list of forbidden goods. It's strange because the import of kava for other usage than human consumption is definitely legal in Europe. But then it's a company, so they can decide which items they ship and which not.
I tried it, stackry sent it via FedEx but customs stopped it, had a dozen or more via USPS but that was low grade stuff so wanted to try a better supply. Damn.