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Stone Kava Experience

all ive had for the most part is stone. this is what i find it does: ill knock back a full 8 oz shell (1 cup root to 4 or 5 cups water) (the shell bula kava house sent me is the size of an in ground swimming pool: fuckin huge. i tested it and it holds 3.5 cups exactly with a half cm to spare). tastes like stream water mixt with novocaine. mouth an throat go numb (duh) and in about five to ten mins, a really happy euphoric heady buzz will strike. sadly, in about another fifteen or twenty mins, it mutates into something resembling a benzo. real heavy and tiring. so ill pound another 8 oz shell. and this cycle repeats itself thruout the night. i tend to drink a few bowls per night. all in the course of five to seven hours. one is a recycled 2nd wash bowl. at some point, ill need yerba mate cuz ill be on the verge of blackin out. too fucked up, too tired. ill eventually finish it all and kick back to fuck around with some old video games from genesis or snes, mindless wander the internet, or whatever doesnt take much mindpower. toward the end ill feel dizzy and nauseous. i still havent figured out how to get the best effects from it, probably since im used to my intoxicants whippin my ass (dxm, ketamine, 25iNbome, mk801, methoxetamine, cid, etc). which means ill keep going until i get to that point, but this aint that type of shit. that point never comes. ill just breach a point where it stops being fun. cuz im an idiot like that. but i find stone to be powerful in terms of kava. kinda heavy as fuck tho. and the next day? whew....tired as all hell. ill need guarana and yerba mate all day to not black out in a random corner like a narcoleptic geezer. like a dominatrix: rough but fun. not what im lookin for however. i still give it about four and a half stars outta five tho.


First stone exp was good felt like a stone sunk into the couch relaxed as well head and body probaly stayed up to late 3 shells also resquezze . But i feel foggy fuzy the next day our of it 6 tbs to 3 cups wAter