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Powdered Kava Review Stone Kava


I was skeptical of this one having heard it's as of the past few years tudei & that it may cause nausea but I'm glad I gave it a shot. The effects are comparable to a good Indica with a slow release of tension throughout the body and a heavy feeling that can get strong to the point of losing your balance yet the feeling alone is euphoric and leaves me with good vibes. Definitely for us couch potatoes looking to ease into a good sleep, this is just from a 2 tbsp dose which is less than most use so I'd say it's very potent.

As for the aluball method it came out noticeably weaker than the traditional prep so about 30 minutes after I took 2 tbsp of the BKH Micronized 11 Year Waka which being a very potent heady kava blended surprisingly well with Stone as I had no anxiety from the combo and kept the enjoyable muscle relaxation yet had the urge to move around and go for a walk while listening to music which I could really tune into thanks to the heady effects of the Waka.

Overall impressed and can't wait to up the dose a bit for a stronger experience.