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Powdered Kava Review Stone Kava


Kava Curious
Wow! (As in the expression, not the kava). I have always known that stone is serious. Back in the days I used to order stone and [email protected]’s Tongan they used to have. While I loved both I tended to lean more towards the Tongan, couldn’t really remember why.

Now 8-10 years later or so after a few months of drinking Cactus Kava’s ‘Ono this one absolutely obliterated me! First of all, with CK’s ‘Ono I use 10g/cup of water. This one I had about 7g/cup, still WAY stronger! I was so krunked I hardly could get up from bed.

While being insanely krunked can be a lot of fun, I must say that the strongest characteristics of Stone are also it’s weakest, if that makes sense. For me personally I can’t drink a lot of stone and be social throughout a night, I become way too slow, prefer silence and just laying around listening to the monsoon rain, thunder, cicadas chirping in the night and house geckos calling on each other. In this regard I must say I still prefer something like ‘Ono, (which is the only thing I can compare with at the moment).

That being said, this is such a great heavy, yet somewhat balanced and heady kava. When I was younger I used to think my head felt like a coconut after I had a lot of kava, like I was inside some kind of shell which numbed the world, really hard to explain since it was my subjective experience, but I got back there right away after 3 shells of stone.

All in all, I can see some people having a lot of fun with this socially, but personally I would pass out or retreat to my introvert space rather than becoming more outgoing. For that very reason I keep it as a night cap, for which it works wonders btw. Looking forward to revisit WOW and Black Sand after the next pay slip and see how much my tolerance for Kava has changed as I have grown up and I am by no means looking for something to “fuck me up” which was the case in my early 20’s, to which kava always kind of disappointed, well, not anymore!

Stone will keep a place on my shelf of kavas to have at hand, but it will never be my daily go-to or daytime kava. That being said, if you want a ride down the krunk-hole stone should be right up your alley!
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The Kaptain of Crunk (40g)
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Stone is a trip to krunktown in a bag.

There was some talk about it not being noble in the deep past, however times have changed, and product lines have been revamped. Fourney Enterprises has kicked up their game in terms of testing and quality. I hear they may even be able to do DNA testings on roots soon or may already be doing it.

Just wanted to put that out there in case anyone had any withholding in regards to [email protected] and that instance.


Kava Curious
I haven't had any other varieties in a long while from [email protected] so can't really say for the time being. But if their batches are anything like they used to be I would say both Wow and Black sand are more balanced. From memory black sand was your average (in a good way) Vanuatu kava. Not the strongest, not the weakest. Not too heady or jittery, not too heavy/sedating.
I'd say stone leans more towards the sedating/heavy side, but still has many cerebral qualities. It's simply a strong kava and tends to knock me out if I drink too much, hence my reluctance to call it balanced rather than heavy-leaning.


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Ok awesome, thnaks for the description! I'm looking to buy from them and want to get the right Kava. Black sounds like a good one


Kava Curious
Perhaps not the best choice of word, but racing thoughts, all that stuff. I guess it's very individual, for me the old solomon was quite "jittery", had to go through some anxiety before the calm after the storm would come every time.