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Kava Powdered Review Straight lateral roots kava

Zac Imiola (Herbalist)

Kava Connoisseur
I was gonna wait until I finished the 100g sample but decided that last nights experience was awesome enough to cover it !... this kava is not necessarily heavy but was very relaxing and sedating in a warm fuzzy comfy way. But also not as heady as well a heady kava... it was ultimately very very balanced but just I can't express enough how warm and cozy it was... so comfortable that it actually was slightly bothersome to have to talk to someone when listening to music or watching a show as I was so into just chilling lol.. amazing stuff took a good 6 tablespoons to really get there but when I did it was worth it! And at the price it equals out to the most potent and expensive kavas anyway !!

Tastes amazing too. Not overly strong flavor very easy to go down :).

However everyone in my house said the opposite about the smell ... saying this kava smelled more strong than the GHK in my cubbord... I wholeheartedly dissagree and think this is better smelling and tasting... aka it doesn't have the oiley smell that's hard to take.