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Powdered Kava Superior Vanuatu Kava Powder


Kava Vendor

This material is consistently ranked as the highest quality, superior Vanuatu Kava on the market. It is an incredibly potent Vanuatu variety that is processed in a state of the art drying facility. Unlike standard Vanuatu Kava that is sun dried and exposed to destructive UV rays, this superior Vanuatu Kava is meticulously dried in a commercial low-temp, dehydrator to preserve the precious Kavalactones and volatile oils that give Kava it's freshness, potency, and bite. It has a desirable 423 chemotype and an 8.4% total lactone content. This 35% lateral root Kava is pounded and vacuum sealed for transit to the states to seal in its fresh taste, smell, and potency. This is truly the best Kava that money can buy.