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Powdered Kava Review Taveuni's Lawena 16 Oz

Ricardo Piquant

I am surprised by how potent this lawena seems to me. Its softer in effect, but not in any way lackluster and very clean. In fact, the softness is actually what is so appealing. It's heady, yet interestingly with pronounced anxiolytic and slowing effects. This is like a float around the pool, in the sun kind of kava that will leave you super relaxed but not "destroyed". The headiness is focused, like I prefer. Taste is mild and smooth - remarkably so. Notably, I kept kneading and kneading and it just kept giving.

At the risk of putting pressure on supply (where I'll not be able to get anymore lol), I think every serious kava imbiber on this forum owes this a righteous sampling. It's quite lovely and the lower price point is no indication of lower quality.