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Powdered Kava Review Taveuni's Secret 16 Oz


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Tried this twice quaffing pretty late in the evening and I ended up mostly just sleeping and as I said in a post about my first two mugs with it fell asleep reading a book. (Grand Theory of Everything by Steven Hawking, Brian Green and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.). And slept for about 12-14 Hours woke up with the a bed lamp on the kind used for reading.
So now trying since I just had a bite (or is that Byte? :p) of break fast and some coffe. I also tried a bit less root and more water. It smells and tastes awesome. Kind of Milk Chocolate Cocoa. I seriusly haven't noticed Kava Roots having had much flavor till KavaTime. Mostly tasted earthy.
Since it left me fealing just kind...off with my usual quaffing style trying it out by blending and filtering it as well. So far just a super nice what i've been calling a 'Life is good!' place. Not dreaming of a couch yet. Their's a little bit of bodly kind of relaxation going on, but not so much yet that I can't enjoy my daily walk walk and TaiChi routines yet.
I don't know how they keep their kava being smooth and actually enjoyable to enjoy and find the flavors on their own without part of me thinking: Why do I enjoy this stuff?
Their's a bit of a inspiried and creative vibe as well. I simply don't know if that's from mixing it with coffee, and meditation, as comared to what the root is adding. So far it's kind of like HanakipiAI+ maybe Akau.

The relaxation side so far is more like a: just nice life is good place for me.



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If by "quaffing" you mean just tossing the powder in some water and drinking it, yes that could give you an off feeling, lol. Blending and filtering is definitely the way to go.

It's interesting that you mention a chocolate flavor, because Kava Time also sells a chocolate flavored micronized, but that's not what this one is...