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Thanks for the customer list.


The Kaptain (40g)
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Did anyone else just get the complete customer list for Nakamal @ Home in their email? I think someone forgot to use the BCC function. 
We're a distributor for a factory that ships worldwide and nearly every e-mail they send out is to literally thousands of names so I just have to laugh.


Kava Enthusiast
haha, yeah, i just posted in the medicinal use section.

good to have if any of us go into the kava business, like say oh ...instant kava maybe?

If anyone gets mad just tell them to blame jefferey

at least it was a cool link


Kava Curious
Yeah, I was on there.  Normally I'd be annoyed for some vague reason having to do with privacy, but I really don't care in this case.  I just thought it was funny.