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I Love Kava Friday That day of the week.


The Kaptain (40g)
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We've done it again, Kava lovers. We made it! It's that most excellent day of the week. Friday!

I hope your weekends are awesome. We might be seeing a good amount of snow this weekend which means....you guessed it. More couch time. No complaints here!



Kava Enthusiast
Bula! Ready for work each night the next four days. Weather here is predicting plenty of snow and temperatures as cold as -40C. Won't be anything special, it would be negatively special if we did not get this kind of weather. I'm starting Friday off with a great rebrew of Ofa's kava from Tonga. 50 grams for a third brew and 50 for a second brew combined in a liter of water. Been having mixed rebrews lately so it's not that bad! Looking forward to getting some fresh kava next week!


Position 5 Hard Support
Sorry I'm late for the party. I did in fact have kava on Friday! Got lots of snow on Friday.