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I Love Kava Friday The arrival.


Kava Enthusiast
I made 2300ml kava last night with 60 grams of Stone Vanuatu Waka and it was strong! I have the better half left, the liter stored in a glass jar. Kava always keeps fresh in glass. I'm going to have tacos made with organic beef, it's a little gamey and there are chunks of cartillage but it is the better choice for my health to get organic. ::chugger::::wow2::::yay2::::hugsmiley::::KavaChug::::tanoafull::


Kava Enthusiast
Cap'm and Crew: Bula to the late Friday announcement, but I've got the WOW and it is fully living up to it's namesake! Hope all are very well, Cheers!


Position 5 Hard Support
Sorry I'm late! Kava's been a life saver the past week. I'm learning that humans need breaks and I was learning that the hard way last week. Kava really kept me from losing it last week, as weak as I tend to make my grog. I also wonder if I was taking the Daylight Saving Time change particularly bad. Feeling tired earlier than usual isn't fun. I'm at a better place right now that I have a vacation. And I plan to at least have some kava during my days off.