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I discovered Kava initially as a remedy for anxiety and insomnia and once I broke through the initial reverse tolerance, I found it to be a "miracle" as a non-addictive, non-intoxicating medicine.

My parents had visited Fiji a few times during their young lives, and each time, they would arrive and gather raw Kava root and some other 'gifts' like soda that they would then take into the village they would stay near. One time in particular, my mother was honored at a Kava ceremony and apparently participated in a somewhat elaborate Kava ceremony. Of course, the "wet dirt" taste wasn't initially a great experience. That being said, I was conceived while they were there. 

I feel like kava is almost in my DNA. The fact that I was conceived, brought into existence with Kava involved, I think gives me a great connection with the plant that has helped me so much. 

I want to go back to Fiji and maybe, one day, bring someone else into this world. Normally, I don't have that desire (because of the state of affairs that seem to be going the wrong direction), but for some reason, in the air of Kava, I see it much differently. 

Kava has honestly been a perfect remedy for my anxiety and insomnia (mostly the latter) and for that, I thank the plant, the natives of Fiji, and my parents for in a way introducing me to it.