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Powdered Kava Review The Kava Society - Bir Kar


Avg. Dosage: 8 Tbsp. (58g)
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Over the last few months I was able to try several cultivars from the island of Santo that have become available. These are Palasa, 'Short Hand' Melomelo, Puariki and Bir Kar, which I'm reviewing here.
The first thing to note is that since these samples all came from The Kava Society, they were all processed very recently before I consumed them and were thoroughly cleaned, with the skins peeled, as The Kava Society has pretty much made their standard.

The aroma of Bir Kar stood out as smelling a bit like peanut butter when the powder sits in hot water, and the flavor was quite gentle, with a chalky, nutty, roasted flour taste. It was also noticeably numbing, which is an effect I almost never experience anymore except for when I drink recently processed Kava Society products...or fresh green kava. The grind is very fine, so if you have a sensitive gut, you might need a finer strainer.

The psychoactive effects of Bir Kar were pleasant, a good after-work/early evening kava. A Soothing calm and noticeable relaxation is felt almost immediately, but it's light and clean enough to maintain a steady manageable buzz for a good duration before the sedation kicks in. It's balanced but leaning toward heady, and it did have the ability to fully & pleasantly innebriate me after having several shells, which is a major plus. Being that it has been incredibly rare for me to get those fun 'krunky' effects for the last 5 years, I tend to give some extra credit to any kava that can manage to do it, so for that reason, I chose Bir Kar to be my favorite of these last four samples I had. Puariki was a close 2nd, followed by Short Hand Melo and then Palasa, which was the least remarkable of the group.

I'm not sure what the chemotype was of my batch, but I've found an old paper that listed Bir Kar as being 246513. While that doesn't necessarily mean my batch was the exact same, it didn't feel too far off, and that is a chemotype that I tend to like a lot, having DHK in 1st position and DHM in 4th position. In my experience, a chemotype like that seems to lead to a more well rounded effect that can feel completely satisfactory at different dosages, whether they be mild, medium or strong.

I'm not sure if this one will be widely available or not, but it's worth trying out if you've found yourself enjoying Kava Society products these last couple years. If I had to compare Bir Kar to their existing products I'd say it's fairly similar to Palarasul...but perhaps with a little MeloMelo or Borogoru mixed in.
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Thank you very much for the great review!
We have actually managed to source a bit more of it an will be making it available shortly.
I've checked the lab results and the chemotype is: 423561
this kava is actually quite high in yangonin, though this might be in part a reflection of the improved testing methodology that detects more of it. Still, even with the old method I think the chemotype would remain the same as the difference in relative concentration of Y and DHM is quite substantial.
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