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The "post krunk" rule.


Kava Lover
Prince Philip said:
With enough kava (which is usually about five shells at a ratio of 1.5 cups of kava per gallon of water), I go from "sweetened" to Blissed.

(flash video)
Thus the reason I believe that God put kava on this earth with us in mind.


Kava Curious
I normally try to avoid posting "krunk" because I have a tendency to type incoherent novels... but now that I'm krunked I feel inspired.

I rather dislike the word krunk... just because it sounds fratty or something. Now that it's warm out, kava goes hand & hand with "laying out", gettin tanned... (or I guess "laid out" is more krunkered) so for me it's just that. But I'd still like another word for when in the vertical position.