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I Love Kava Friday There it is. Just on the horizon.


Kava Lover
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Feels like a Friday the 13th today. Phone ringing off the wall with I waited till the last minute but I need it now nonsense at the day job. Well eff em because at 3pm I leave for the free Billy Strings concert at Brown's Island. Can't wait till KAVA/CBDFLOWER/MUSICTHERAPY:30


Wear a mask.
Sleep tonight, work mode off, krunk tomorrow, sleep mode bk on. I love Springtime weather, closest we get to all u lucky SOB's out west.. Enjoy your weekends!

John Wick: Chapter 3 out today, love the series..


Kava Lover
After work I shoved birthday party supplies into the hatchback of my tiny Prius on top of my tool belt, tool bag, crate of tools, ice chest, and water cooler. Very impressed with my own loading skills over here. Now time for some shells!