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Powdered Kava Review Tongan Family Reserve


I'll have the pyrones with some pepper, please.
I love euphoria-centric kava, and really not knowing what to expect with this kava, I was surprised and stoked to find that most of the "headiness" is actually euphoria. I've had other kava's that are heady (stony) with very little euphoria, and the combo of stony headiness, euphoria and anxiolytic relaxation is hard to come by, at least at this level. Here is my shell by shell assessment.

Shell one: Very pleasant smell of the medium grind, and pours a light beige color. The kava has very little aroma and the taste is so mild that new kava drinkers wouldn't even know they just drank kava. There was an immediate behind the eyes pressure, heavy mouth numbing sensation, mild (stony) headiness onset within 5 minutes, about 10 minutes in, there is a gradual wash-over muscle relaxation and anxiolytic de-stressing, like slowly letting the air out of a tire.

Shell two: Hugging sensation, warm tightness in chest from a rush of euphoria, I can feel my brain smiling. Strong headiness still increasing and more behind the eyes feeling.

Shell three: The relaxation is still building, like melting into my chair. Every component is still increasing. More euphoria building with that endorphin rush feeling in my chest. Breathing is pleasurable, air is crisper. It feels good to take deep breaths. A very strong headiness similar to a natural high. This kava is begging me for some good music, and to be outside feeling the breeze.

Second wash.

45 minutes. Shell four: Feels good to stretch. Beautiful well-rounded kava, very balanced, but different from most “balanced” kava’s, because there is so much anxioltyic and relaxation effects on top of the headiness/euphoria. Colors are more bright, vision is crisp. I want to be on a beach right now. When I walk, there is a pleasant heaviness in every step. I have never had anything like this. Similar kava’s that capture components of this kava would be Savusavu/Squanch/Mahakea maybe a bit of Moi feelings of euphoria and headiness, and a mild version of Nene or Hiwa relaxation feeling with no sedation. It really has everything I look for in a kava. The closest to this kava that I have had was when I mixed Kava Time's Savusavu with Squanch waka.

The euphoria effects lasted for about an hour and subsided into a nice calm relaxation that last for 2-3 hours. I had dinner and then around 8:00, 4 hours after initial 2 Tbsps, had 2 more Tbsps. It literally picked right back up where it left off, like pushing the fun button. I wanted to get the most out of this kava so I consumed another Tbsp and that set me in perfect. The overall effect is that of a building krunkiness with a mild stony headiness and euphoria that is similar to an endorphin rush. In the background there is this body effect that's very relaxing and it feels good to stretch. Sometimes the euphoria is so strong that you forget about the relaxing side of it, but if you sit back and listen, it feels like you are floating. This kava would be great in a social setting or just chilling out listening to your favorite music. 2.5 hours into second session, walking is becoming cumbersome and the feeling of full on krunked is within reach. Unbelievably, the euphoria is still here after 2.5 hours, my relaxed happiness has not let up yet, and I am wondering if I could have difficulty falling asleep because it's very energizing, which points to this kava being a great daytime kava, but still great for evening use as well. I will provide an update on falling to sleep and the after-glow tomorrow. At 3.5 hours I am still feeling very good, but some of the euphoria has worn off.

Based on the price, even though it is a really good kava, I "might" buy this again for a special occasion. I think if shipping cost could come down a bit it would really help matters. I understand the family farm source of the kava being more expensive and I would pay for that, but when the shipping is half the cost of most 1/2 pound kava's its tough to justify spending $53 for a 1/2 pound for regular consumption. This would be a Friday/Saturday kava for me, so we shall see if I find myself purchasing another 1/2 pound. It might just turn out to be my splurge kava.


I'll have the pyrones with some pepper, please.
Update: No issues falling asleep even though I still felt the energetic ambiance, very sound, deep sleep. Woke up feeling refreshed with a calm but energetic after-glow effect, like I could easily go hiking this morning. It was very easy to wake up early as well with no grogginess. I have an incredible amount of proactive energy this morning. This stuff would be a great weekend, daytime kava that can transition into night time kava sessions with no problem.
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Kava keeps me going.
It really is a great kava. I don't think I managed to get to your heights of euphoria. Probably because I was afraid of it being too heady so I kept my dose low and didn't drink a lot, but it definitely felt like the same onset of gentle headiness and then felt relaxing and definitely anxiolytic. Sadly, I don't have enough time to get to know this kava better as my weekend is full, next weekend I'm off to Santa Ynez and the Monday I'm off to the UK for a 10 day visit. Both these visits will likely entail drinking wine and/or beer, so I need to make sure I'm "clean" before I go! Maybe I can find a day early next week to just completely relax, stay away from people and get to know the Family Reserve a little better.
I know for sure that I will be re-ordering once it gets back in stock!


Kava keeps me going.
I decided to treat myself to some more of this kava yesterday late afternoon. Had grandson during the day so as soon as he left, I shook up an Aluball. This kava just keeps getting better and better every time! This morning I realized that it also gives me some very interesting lucid dreams! Hope I manage to get another order in. Will have to keep checking in from England!

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I just bought a pound based on this review, now that it is available again. The review has a strong element of verisimilitude. It speaks my language.