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Tongan Pride

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Kava Curious
Well, I have heard mixed reviews on this one before, but I must say I love it!
Not so numbing to the tongue, but very relaxing, and it really gives me "kava hands" and "kava all over" more or less. (numbening).
Also, it was a long time since I was this talkative!
I had some Vanuatu 3 the 2 days before, in some bad mixes, but still, I had them, and since it was months since I last touched Kava I think this might be a reason for why it works so good today, the changing strain + lowering the tolerance with a few days drinking might have helped.

At the moment I really love Kava, actually I feel no urge to burn my nightly Kratom, which I usually burn every night as a ritual. This shows how much even that was a ritual rather than a dependence.
Well, I don't know what to write, my fingers are kind of numb so writing is hard. All I can do is say 2 big thumbs up for this variety. But that's only me speaking! I've heard others not liking it very much.
Well, for me I will go for it tomorrow as well, and as soon as Friday comes I will try out their Isa/tudai. Won't take that risk while still in the middle of a working week though :)
Peace and love to all (klyshé? Doesn't make it less true :) )

Deleted User01

I found Tongan to be very heady. Head buzz but not necessarily euphoric. So I mix it with other Kavas and that seems to suit me. In fact, I just downed a mixture of Solomon and Tongan and now I'm working on some Wow to cap off the day before I quit. I gotta say, it's all good! Check out the thread on Dr. Lebot's opinions on the drinking of Tudie and then let us know how you like the one from Rex. Since you just got here, you have a lot of reading to do. Welcome to the new forum and Peace and love back at ya!


Kava Enthusiast
I get basically no body effects from this kava, just a light stimulation and some anti-anxiety effects. I enjoy drinking it, even though it could be a bit stronger.

Deleted User01

I'm drinking the last of my Tongan now. It's a good daytime Kava so it's good for me. But I always have to finish the day with WOW/Boroguru if I want to melt into the couch later. I've made up my mind that Melo Melo is going to be my daytime Kava from now on. It's stronger than the Tongan and it reminds me of Solomons. So my gourmet mix would be Solomon in the early afternoon and WOW later. My everyday mix would be Melo Melo in the early afternoon with Boroguru later.


Official Kava Muppet
This is typically my #2 weekday kava. If I drink it too often though it does cause mild anxiety a 2-3 days in. But more spread out, its pleasant, and I can still sleep after enjoying it (though I usually use some Kava king to bring me down). No 1 anytime kava for me though is Kalm's Pori Oni. But everyone's different. I tend to love the Tongans. And occasionally Rex throws me a bracelet, which makes my kids happy.
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