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Tried candies for a week


Kava Enthusiast
I tried the Ozia kava candies for a week and shared with my friends and family. I liked the taste very much, it was rooty and flowery [the ginger, chamomile, lemon balm, kava combo w/ the artificial sugars]. The kava was strong enough to have medicinal value, and one of my family members thanked me for a candy that stopped their heart from racing during a panic/anxiety incident.

It has been mentioned before and is worth mentioning again here that they are using artificial colors and flavors [yellow #5, sorbitol, ect.] in the kava candy, but it does not entirely ruin the product if you can handle a little of that. Great product! I enjoyed on snowy hikes.

Krunkie McKrunkface

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Good stuff. Essential for when you can’t have grog, also nice while having grog. I once brought two packets to a concert and had a great show, and I think it helped me fix more in my memory of the event.


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I agree, sublingual, and I love the taste - it helps me know there is Kava in it. Which is what I'm after!

edit: Try this challenge...See how many you can dissolve in your mouth completely in a row before you surrender and refuse to eat another one! Don't start a new one until the last one is totally melted

El Guapo510

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I put them under my tongue or between tongue and cheek, I think it kicks in quicker- usually two at a time. I use them if I wake up in middle of night and have trouble sleeping and it has worked 90% of the time.

Go Krunk Yourself

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The candies are the PERFECT entry level Kava mechanism for weary folks, but I can't do them much because my insides liquefy due to the artificial sugars these days.

The Good Rev

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Try some real kava
I do, lol... just heard great things about the candies and was hoping it'd be a good option for work, church, and stuff like that, but I've literally eaten an entire pack with zero effect.
I'll just have to stick with regular stuff I guess.

It's also a bummer, because I have to fast for closer to 8 hours to get an effect. I was hoping the sublingual absorption with the candies would get me through rough patches when I wasn't fasting.

Oh well...