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Trying new kavas


Trying to find a good kava looking for mostly body relax and muscle relif as well . Any by kava by rex or vks or fijian or tanna not sure whats what any help appreciated

Andrew Procyk

Noble Kava
Kava Vendor
I am partial to the Melakula Magic for that purpose as a daily drinking kava.  I have a pinched nerve and some bad disks in my neck, and it works wonders for the muscle relaxation.  If I do not need to be functional, I go with the Tanna Marang.  
We recently started offering a "sampler" retail, where we send 100g of each of our 5 main varieties, a tin of next-gen QKP, a pack of strips and a pack of candies for $75 - including shipping.  It is an easy way to try everything.   If you are interested, feel free to give us a call, and I'll square away free upgrade to Priority mail.  828-505-8118.



Awwsome i had some tanna marang at the local kava bar best kava experience so far think thats when rev tol dissapered thx alot