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Kava Curious
Hi I’m in the UK usual vendor EDWARD informs me customs keep bouncing supplies back.
I ordered with ninelife.uk they say uk- turns out it’s India. From whom I got Kalma with kava Vanuatu micronised 100g. At like £140 with shipping, tax etc.
Now they have root of happiness Vanuatu 500mg but read very mixed reviews and it may not even be noble, or at best mixed with tudei.
I’m tempted as it’s half price. But may not be worth it as I’m very sensitive with health issues.
What are what people’s experiences with root of happiness ? And if anyone else/ other vendors on here that do Vanuatu micro delivers to the uk . Recommendations please! Use kava for pain inflammation and sleep.


Magnum's 'awa drinking bird
Ah, now I found it: You have to go to https://kavaeurope.eu . From there you can order into the whole European Union. Very interesting. It remains to be seen if this will be considered fully legal in the long term.