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vanuatu blend #7

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Really? Been wanting to give them a try. My stash consists of some borogu from Kalm with Kava which is nice and heady but not very euphoric or sedating. Don't get me wrong I like the heady effects but I am kinda wanting to get a bag of some nice sedating/euphoric kava to bula out to. Maybe even do a blend: i.e. a couple Tbls of heady and a couple of sedating. I have a pound of 11 year waka on the way but from what I have read it is pretty heady itself. Might need to invest in some Koniak. I remember that being fairly euphoric and hitting like a ton of bricks.


the nene is a nice hypnotically sedating kava. Although at first it can be heady until you up the dosage.


Even though I'm a PK fangirl I agree with master Yoda (@Skywalker). I'll do a review after a few more sessions with it. I just got it Friday. Texture is the typical powdered compared to the Borogu they have which is a very fine grind. That one makes me have to drink alot of water to counteract GI issues but some people may not have any problems with that kind of texture. PK kavas always taste exceptional as well and Vanuatu #7 is no exception. Very happy and mellow.


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This stuff is really really nice. I had some extract a couple of hours ago and I Just downed a shell and are reaching for one more. I am completely mellow and happy.

AG is this one noble? Deleted User seems to have slight reservations about most kava from Venuatu, or maybe I have misunderstood this. At any rate, this is a great kava. It does what I want kava to do. I will put up reviews on PK.com when I have had a week to really assess the products.
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