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Vanuatu Instant = thank you Edward!!


Gotta say i'm very impressed with both Edward and his wares. My initial shipment went missing and he sorted me another with no issues - definitely something that instills confidence in a buyer, particularly when buying over the internet where no good faith is ever really guaranteed.

Been playing around with the Kava yesterday and today and honestly really like it. Besides some minor stomach bloating today, i've really been enjoying what i'd assume are its full effects - certainly well worth the price, and the brilliant customer service has earned Edward a loyal customer. Now, excuse me whilst i go for my 5th cup......great stuff


I ordered the same, Edward was great, he gave me a good advice on what to buy, shipping was next day after I made the payment and he also gave me some advice on how to mix it later on.
This is my first kava ever.
I like the effect of kava, I did it 4 evenings in a row, effects are quite mild for now, but I'm also doing it in moderate quantities & I read about the reverse tolerance, so I have to wait a bit longer to get the full effect.
But for everyone who is ordering for the first time, you must be warned, 100g is not gonna last you very long, it's very easy to use 100g in 1 week for 1 person with moderate use, so unfortunately kava, especially instant version, is quite an expensive sport here in Europe.