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Instant Kava Review Vanuatu Instant


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Its been a while since I've had instant. Kava King's Vanuatu Blend didn't disappoint. They've got lots of options to suit both the purist and the uninitiated. Sometimes you just don't have the time or the will to get out the bowl, strainer and squeeze out a batch. Kava Kings's instant will fill in nicely.

Something happens during the process of making instant that gives it a unique smell. This one has a sweet cream smell and tiny hint of cocoa. The taste isn't at all offensive even in this non flavored instant kava offering. I got a mild wood taste and the tiniest hint of bitter aftertaste but, in my opinion, nothing that would turn away a first timer.

The strength and effects are well balanced for what it does. The resulting drink is of a decent strength and a good all around choice for keeping some close at hand.
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