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Instant Kava Review Vanuatu Instant


Avg. Dosage: 8 Tbsp. (58g)
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Vanuatu Instant, Kava Chocolate, Flavored Instant.

Got a sample pack from @Kavaking , thanks.
This is an excellent instant kava. I prefer the unflavored packets, the natural flavor of this blend is very mild and tends to have a pleasant creamy, malty flavor to it. The unflavored packets blend more easily into your water and are very easy to drink.

The chemotype is said to be 243651, with 6 and 5 being so close, percentage-wise, they could be swapped around.
It seems to be decently potent. One packet is 4 teaspoons (1.33 Tablespoons) and I drank 3 packets each night, making 12 teaspoons or 4 Tablespoons per session. I haven't had much experience with instants, but so far, every instant I've had proves to be the most gentle on my stomach and very pleasant and easy to drink.

The general effect of the kava was very smooth and even, no extremes on either end of the spectrum, but very calm and peaceful. It might perhaps be the most clinical or medicinal one I've had. This is kava as a true, effective yet gentle, natural anxiolytic/hypnotic. It might not be exciting enough for me to choose it every time, but for people who are seeking kava only as a medicine, this word certainly be a perfect starting point. I never pushed beyond 4 TBSP, like I normally would, so I can't really speak on where it would lead beyond that point.

Flavored Instants:
The flavored instants feel about the same as the unflavored but there was a difference in the way they mixed with water.
For me, the flavored ones clumped up and were more difficult to make a solution of. So I often ended up swallowing clumps. They also made a slimier drink.
The flavors come through on the initial run across your palate, but the kava taste emerges on the tail end, making the flavor masking fairly worthless in my opinion. Kava likes to linger. The Berry flavor was probably my favorite, other than the unflavored.

Kava Chocolate:
Similar to the flavored instants, the taste is good at first but the kava bitterness takes over in the end.
This is the nature of kava, so just expect it, going in. As for effects, I gobbled down a bar in about 3 minutes and definitely felt a nice mild kava peace come over me. Several of them could probably do you pretty good, but I wouldn't suggest horkin' these things down in place of shells on a nightly basis. They're nice, like Kava Candy, to have on hand for a quick bite of peace while you're stuck in traffic or out doing something where you wouldn't otherwise have a beverage available.

I haven't tried the cigars, not a cigar guy, but will try them eventually just to see if any perceptible kava buzz can be found.
I gave a few instant packets to my friend to drink soon, and I'll try to have her come on and share her thoughts as well.
Overall, the plain Vanuatu Instant is good stuff and I'd surely drink it again. (y)

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My wife totally surprised me this last weekend. I had the samples sitting out on the kitchen counter, and the next thing I knew she was pouring out one of the unflavored ones into a glass. She said (and I quote) "I think I could really like this stuff". I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I may finally have a kava drinking buddy. Hell, maybe I could even get her to sign up here! No wait....I'm sure there would be some massive embarrassment for me if that happened.

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Nice review Shakas. @Kapmcrunk , maybe you could get your wife into the chocolate. Ask her how she slept. If she experiences that deep kava sleep, then that will seal the deal. Maybe she won't be "slamming shells" with you. But maybe a night cap to insure a good nights sleep. Good luck Kapm!