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Instant Kava Review Vanuatu Instant


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The Vanuatu Instant Kava is a perfect instant Kava, The taste is surprising and very very nice for an 'unflavoured' instant.

It's quite soluble and blends with water well, However the obligatory teaspoon or milk frother for stirring is advised.

The Effects are very nice, Everything I'd expect from an Instant, Very mellowing, even in small servings. Produces a slightly euphoric, but more of a relaxed and "I really don't give a f**k" style effect.

Overall its a top notch instant, Perfect flavour, its more heady than Heavy - meaning its better for social situations, Might be good to take before a party/event, it won't crunk you out too much, it just really mellows you through and through. It's priced very nicely as well, about $12.00 for 1/4lb (100 Grams or so) which is very cheap for instant Kava, Shipping to Europe is expensive but a friend managed to pick some up in Boston when he was over there.
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Nice review Kavajack,
I realy like kavaking as well!
I reviewed this one last week and mine was about the same as yours lol...
It's great smooth tasting and fairly strong kava...hits fairly fast as well
I would for sure buy this kava for quick pick me ups or sometime when you need something on the go...its fast and easy and potent :)