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Micronized Kava Review Vanuatu Instant


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I am giving it 5 stars because of its value and convenience. It's the cheapest kava (that I know of) around right now, and despite this it is an above average kava. It mixes very easily, the taste is very mild and will not make you gag, and it doesn't completely wipe me out so I can do some day drinking if I wish.

Deleted User01

Nice review @wormwood. I agree with you about convenience. I give both micronized and instant 5 stars for that and they both seem to have little taste and you can't argue with that.

Steve Mariotti

Kavapithecus Krunkarensis
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I'm wondering if this should be in the Instant Reviews.
It's sold as instant, but is actually physically micronized and not an instant made from fresh root or even one made from evaporated traditional prep. It's a mix of flavorings, a thickener and micronized kava.