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Powdered Kava Review Vanuatu Noble Warrior Kava

Darcy Jay Strutt

Kava Curious
{"Grade":8,"Potency":10,"Mind":6,"Body":8,"Anxiety":8,"Sedative":8,"Taste":"-2","Preparation":"Traditional Method/ Kneading medium grind kava root powder in straining bag designed for kava prep. About 2-2.5 tbsps of kava per shell/serving.","Duration":"2-3 hrs","SideEffects":"Slight “urpy” stomach ","Headline":"Strong Heavy Kava"}
So it has been a really long time since the last time I had consumed kava... 3 months or so.

Unfortunately due to life circumstances I had been unable to afford that luxury. About 3 weeks ago I felt I could really benefit emotionally and psychologically from a nice reward of some good kava. Dealing with Covid19 was wearing me down.

I ordered some Vanuatu Noble Warrior from The Kava Roots. It finally arrived this weekend after being stuck in transit for way too long, lol.

It made a fairly oily and lightish brown/light caramel coloured kava. The taste was quite good; peppery,,slightly bitter and almost like cedar wood with an earthy undertone. Goes down quite nicely. The mouth numbing is quite pronounced and long lasting.

For me this kava has two main phases. During the come up and peak of the first stage I was surprised how strong this kava was hitting me; very pronounced mental and physical effects start setting in 5-10 minutes after my second small shell. This was the strongest come up I have ever felt from a kava. I felt waves of happiness and euphoria. Very talkative and empathetic. I hate to say but it was almost similar to the onset of a small dose of pure MDMA. I am impressed.

Unfortunately that phase doesn’t last much longer than 15-20 minutes so I felt like adding a few more shells to feel that come up again. This may have been a tad foolish as the feelings of the initial onset were never quite achieved with the booster shells but began to give way to an extremely sedating portion of the experience. Extremely heavy body sensation and all round feeling of wanting to recline and just listen to music.... like floating in butter :) It was way to heavy and strong for me at this point after 4 shells. I wasn’t prepared for such potency and heavy ended effects. It seems my body prefers the headier kavas.

All in all I really enjoyed trying this kava. It has a unique effect signature I haven’t had with any other kava. It was by far the heaviest kava I have ever tried. The onset was impressively up beat and euphoric while the plateau and comedown were distinctly sedating and tranquilizing. The taste was quite nice and the mouth numbing was very prominent and long lasting.

This kava was much to heavy for me but a joy to try as it is quite a powerful blend.