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Kava Powdered Review Vanuatu Straight Laterals


Avg. Dosage: 8 Tbsp. (58g)
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Vanuatu's Premium
Straight Laterals

I've been going through a half-pound of the new @Paradise Kava Van Lats, not sure what the actual cultivar is, but the most similar kava I can relate it to is either Boroguru or Borogu waka (a la Stone). The scent is beautifully strong and familiar of Vanuatu kavas, very zingy and peppery like Borongoru, Stone or Borogu. It brews up a light/medium brown and has middle-of-the-road taste that reflects it's scent, but is actually a bit more mild.

Effects-wise, this treats me a lot like the 2014 batch of GHK's Hiwa, Boroguru and [email protected]'s WOW! or Stone. All-in-all, I consider this a sedating and anxiolytic kava. It's very relaxing, mostly by way of making any physical activity seem completely undesirable. A true couch potato kava, as @Deleted User01 would put it. At the strength I make kava, 1 or 2 shells of this is about all I can drink before the lighter, more whimsical initial head-change effects morph into the full blown grogged-out vibe. I personally don't get much euphoria or excitement from this one and put it more in the high-quality medicinal kava category than the social/recreational category. It's a good anti-anxiety kava and even better as a hypnotic. After a couple hours, sleep becomes imminent and happens with ease. I get great, deep, comfortable sleep from it. As usual, other people may have the exact opposite experience.

There's only 2 hindrances that would keep me from using this one as a daily kava, 1) it was bloating and fairly nauseating 2) lacking the fun, loopy, headiness that makes everything feel more enjoyable. Please note, however, it's common for me to be more sensitive to stomach effects in many kavas and I'm also known to go through phases where my body becomes unreceptive to the full effects of kava.
I'm convinced I may currently be in one of those phases, especially since last night I drank 11 Tbsp of a micronized kava on an empty stomach, with minimal effect. That being the case, I may not be experiencing this kava to it's fullest potential.

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Deleted User01

Good review Shakas. I hope Cheech and Chon don't get a hold of the "motivation inhibitor". They could be out on the curve for a week before they finally fix the flat tire on their van.:D
"Yeah, man, I got an idea. Let's do like some more straight laterals ... and then work on the flat tire". :LOL:


Avg. Dosage: 8 Tbsp. (58g)
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minor update: on my last night with this kava, I upped my dose to 10 Tbsp, kneaded in piping hot water, made a very small 2nd & 3rd wash and by the time I was done, it blew my lid in the best of ways. I got all googly-headed, had deep rushes of calm and hit the point where I'm very content to be alone in the dark and simply enjoy the vibe. The meditative zone. The elusive; Kava-lala-land. ::rootedgrin::
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