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Very itchy skin


Kava Curious
I've had many different types of derma. Dry flaky skin, redness and mild itching and even hive rash lesions. Pretty manageable. I've seen it all except lately my skin has been extremely itchy but is not red and it doesn't appear to be dry. So my question has anyone gotten really itchy skin from kava? I drink the same kind with the exception of having a two week period awhile back. I had to get a different strain because my go to vendor was sold out. I still drink that new stuff from time to time and even mix the two strains in the same rinse. I've cut back now for a week and it hasn't helped. I'm thinking of taking a benadryl or an allergy medicine of some kind to see if that helps. Cream helps for a day at a time then the itchiness comes back with vengeance. Maybe I need to take a full break. The longest I've gone without kava at a time is probably 4-5 days and during that time the dermo just gets worse.

Also I heard something going around about how kava can cause diabetes or make diabetes worse. I'm not sure where the conversation got its source but I heard it going around at a previous work party. Does anyone know anything about that?? Sorry about the rambling I'm just wanting to stay safe. Thanks, happy kava days in advance. :)