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Supplier Review Very pleased with the customer service and the kava


Aluballin' in the UK
Kava Vendor
{"Headline":"Good people","Grade":10,"Ordering":10,"Shipping":10,"Service":10}
Being outside the US I have obvious supply problems and this vendor helped me immensely with my order and even put in some samples which was appreciated (alongside a larger order so don't expect it with your half pound order! :) )

I am trying the Malo Tongan tonight and will be posting a review there next.

It's obvious that they really know their kava and like to look after their customers. I would highly recommend that you try something from their product line up.


The Kaptain (40g)
KavaForums Founder
It’s something about that USPS line near Hayward. I get his packs in 2 days. Ships Saturday and I get it Monday morning.