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Powdered Kava Review Wakacon Fiji Waka


❦ॐ tanuki tamer
First, this is the mildest smelling kava I have ever had. Even when I poured boiling water over it, it didn't smell particularly bad. It didn't taste particularly offensive either.

The grind is on the finer side although not as fine as say, fu'u, there are still some visible roots.

On to the effects. This is a more heady variety of kava. Gives you a bit of a relaxing buzz without too much of the muscle melting that you get with some kinds of kava.

At a mere $25/lb and with Amazon shipping, this is a great value kava. It's maybe a little less potent than my preferred Vanuatu grog, but 1/2 cup still gave me a nice effect. Wakacon does have a Vanuatu variety which also might be worth a shot.
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Whats the Vanuatu one you prefer KD ?

Im going to buy 2kg of Klin Kava when im there to bring home with me. Its micronised from fresh roots. No straining etc. Not bloody cheap though.


❦ॐ tanuki tamer
I like Vanuatu kava more in general, it's just always stronger and gives more muscle relaxation in my experience. My favorite is prob. Bula Kava House's Boroguru.