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Ways to increase the likelihood of feeling the kava


Kava Curious
Has anyone noticed that your setting plays a role in whether you feel the positive effects of drinking kava or not? For example, I’ve noticed that if I drink while listening to a podcast, I don’t necessarily feel the positive effects. Within the same session, if I then switch to listening to my favorite music, I will start to feel the positive effects. I’ve heard people say you have to listen to the kava, so maybe that’s related to also drinking it in a setting that you associate with positive feelings and relaxation?


Kava Curious
Yes, I've noticed the environment affects the way you enjoy kava. If you do it in a rushed manner you won't feel it as much and it's quite possible you will start feeling nauseated. I've thrown up because of this at one point.

If you enjoy it in a relaxed, slow manner listening to your favorite music or something like that it will hit you.