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Port Vila, Vanuatu
Kava Vendor
We just added a bunch of new varieties to our inventory! Including the very popular and well-known Borogu and Melo Melo varieties! & we have more coming!

Check us out at https://elmanaro.com/


We also have traditional pandanus beach mats (PM me for discount rates $70 includes US shipping, comes with a free Kava sample).
Would you guys also be interested in other cultural artifacts from Vanuatu? We can also source wooden carvings including spears, bows & arrows, traditional Tamtam carvings and fashionable pandanus handbags also traditional coconut shells for kava drinking. Let me know in this thread and we might add more local products to the site in the future to support our handicraft mamas during covid while there are no tourists for them to sell their goods to. All items are fumigated by biosecurity prior to shipping.

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