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Kava Beverage Review Well these are great


The Kaptain (40g)
KavaForums Founder
{"Grade":9,"Potency":5,"Mind":6,"Body":3,"Anxiety":6,"Sedative":4,"Taste":"8","Preparation":"Chug...and burp. ","Duration":"1-2 hours","SideEffects":"None","Headline":"Carbonated kava!"}
I just got home and opened one of these. Chugged it down like I would with normal kava, and you just don’t have to do that with this one. It’s carbonated. Light, refreshing effects. The carbonation hides a good bulk of the earthy flavor and imparts a sweet taste to the beverage. Powder is for getting wobbly, but this is not. This is like the beer of kava. Something that you could drink at the end of a hot day and relax with. Not necessarily one you’d want to try to get ripped off of.

When you make kava light it has more uplifting, refreshing effects, and this is spot on. Good product @Aloha Kava

I give this 4.5 shells out of 5 because it fills a specific niche that to be honest, until now, I didn’t know even existed. It also stays close to tradition with no added flavors.

Highly suggest giving these a shot if you’re already a kava head and you just want something a little different to try.