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Kava, an extract made from the Piper methysticum shrub, has been a popular drink for hundreds of years, particularly for its calming and relaxing ...

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"Additionally, there have been more than 30 cases of liver damage reported in Europe and four deaths linked to the use of kava extracts. As a result, the European Union and Canada have taken kava off the market, and the US FDA has issued cautions and advisories regarding its use. If you choose to take kava, it is important to only do so under the close supervision of a doctor, and you should avoid it altogether if you have any kind of liver disease. "

WHOA! Really!? I wonder when these happened...oh wait.. all over 20 years ago with zero instances today. Classic fearmongering over a botched formulation sold on the European Market. If they deleted that paragraph they wouldn't have a terrible article.

Schmidt, M., and A. Nahrstedtist. 2019. “Kava Lebertoxisch?” DAZ.online. August 21, 2019. https://www.deutsche-apotheker-zeitung.de/daz-az/2002/daz-9-2002/uid-5590. (The texts translates from German easily)